The State of Security 2023: Finding Advantages To Build Digital Resilience


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Security leaders: do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • We spend most of our time addressing emergencies, being reactive rather than proactive
  • We don’t have the right security controls in place to prevent, detect or respond to sophisticated threats
  • We are viewed as a cost, rather than a value or an enabler for the digital business

If so, you’re not alone! We surveyed over 500 security leaders across EMEA (see “The State of Security 2023”), and most respondents say it’s getting harder to keep up with security requirements. In fact, 39% of organisations say cyberattacks have hurt their competitive position.

But there’s hope! Despite the difficulties, we also uncovered strategies used by leading security teams to get ahead of threats and engage the entire business to build resilience.

Join our panel of Splunk experts as they reveal findings from our State of Security 2023 global research – and importantly – provide their insight on best practices and advice on addressing pressing security challenges.

Register to hear about:

  • Making the biggest impact possible with your security budget
  • Leaders’ favourite metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of a security team
  • Embracing functional convergence and collaboration
  • Measures that organisations are taking to improve cloud security and stop ransomware

Webinar duration: 45 minutes