Splunk Talks Unified SecOps With Guest Allie Mellen

To bring order to SecOps chaos, SOC tools and processes need to be unified. This integration will resolve the age-old challenges of disjointed tools and complex workflows, however, most SOCs are struggling to achieve this unified state. This webinar will dive into the trends and dynamics surrounding unified security operations with guest speaker Forrester SecOps Analyst Allie Mellen and Splunk. See what Allie and Splunk have recently discovered about emerging unified SecOps trends that affect CISOs, SOC Directors, and Security Analysts.

Join this webinar to learn about all this and more including:

  • An overview of SecOps market dynamics and broader trends from Allie Mellen.
  • A recent update from Allie on the elements of the Security Analyst experience.
  • How Splunk is unifying, simplifying, and modernizing SecOps with its recent product innovation.
  • A fun “SOC Predictions” discussion that covers AI and machine learning trends.

Our Speakers

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Time Place Details
10:00am - 10:55am Expo Hall Meet and greet in the lobby outside the Expo Hall before the General Assembly.
11:00am - 11:55am Rm 314 Expert Track: TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE INDUSTRY | John Dough, CFO Marketizingly
11:00am - 11:55am Rm 159 Social Track: MODERN NETWORKING | Hosted by: SponsorName

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Kavita Varadarajan

Principal Product Manager
at Splunk

Allie Mellen

Sr. Analyst
at Forrester Research