Enhance Your GKE Cluster’s Resilience With Splunk and Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Monitor K8s with Splunk Observability, Google GKE Autopilot & OpenTelemetry

Hundreds of thousands of organizations rely on Kubernetes to power and manage their mission critical services every day. Managing the scale of a cluster can prove to be a difficult balance between cost efficiency and potential resource exhaustion. Although Kubernetes supports automatic scaling, this still requires manual resource provisioning and configuration. Thanks to GKE Autopilot, you can efficiently manage all of these complexities that come with deploying a Kubernetes environment.

GKE Autopilot is a mode of operation in GKE in which Google manages your cluster configuration, including your nodes, scaling, security, and other preconfigured settings. Regardless of how the cluster powering your service is deployed, managing a large service deployment requires the developers and operators who work on it to have excellent observability into your Autopilot cluster.

Would you like to monitor your services across your GKE cluster to better understand health and performance? Have you been struggling to manage the scale of your cluster and want to reduce the time taken for troubleshooting across all your deployments? Look no further, Splunk’s Unified Observability platform has you covered.

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Time Place Details
10:00am - 10:55am Expo Hall Meet and greet in the lobby outside the Expo Hall before the General Assembly.
11:00am - 11:55am Rm 314 Expert Track: TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE INDUSTRY | John Dough, CFO Marketizingly
11:00am - 11:55am Rm 159 Social Track: MODERN NETWORKING | Hosted by: SponsorName

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In this session you will learn how to:

  • Get started with the OpenTelemetry Collector to capture metrics, traces and logs from your GKE autopilot deployments
  • Take advantage of the performance benefits of using OpenTelemetry compliant logging
  • Leverage Splunk’s Unified Observability platform to gain comprehensive visibility into your infrastructure to help you detect and diagnose issues quickly and resolve problems faster to keep your enterprise resilient.

Our Speakers

Aunsh Chaudhari

Aunsh Chaudhari

Senior Product Manager

Brian Farnham

Brian Farnham

ISV Customer Engineer