Staying Cyber Resilient in 2023

Data Security Predictions
It was another wild ride for security professionals in 2022 — we started the new year on the tail of the Log4j vulnerability, data breaches were on the rise, and ransomware attacks just kept coming.

Speaking of wild rides, we’re bringing back SURGe team members Ryan Kovar and Mick Baccio to share their thoughts on what to expect in 2023, brag a little bit about 2022 predictions they got right, and provide some tips on how to build up your security defenses.

Join Data Security Predictions: Staying Cyber Resilient in 2023 to learn more about:
  • Resilience: The role of security is expanding from the SOC to the boardroom.
  • Ransomware: Will we ever stop talking about this?
  • Enterprise Disinformation: High-tech production values will kick things in high gear.
  • SBOMs: Get your software components ready.
  • Consumer Privacy Protection: Private companies will take the reins.
  • Security Talent: Start fishing in new ponds.

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Time Place Details
10:00am - 10:55am Expo Hall Meet and greet in the lobby outside the Expo Hall before the General Assembly.
11:00am - 11:55am Rm 314 Expert Track: TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE INDUSTRY | John Dough, CFO Marketizingly
11:00am - 11:55am Rm 159 Social Track: MODERN NETWORKING | Hosted by: SponsorName

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Our Speakers

Ryan Kovar

Distinguished Security Strategist,
Leader of SURGe

Splunk Inc.

Ryan Kovar joined Splunk in 2014 and currently serves as a Distinguished Security Strategist and leader of SURGe, Splunk’s “Blue-collar for the Blue team” security research arm. With over 20 years of experience as a security analyst, threat hunter, defender, and Unix plumber, Ryan loves traveling the world and researching the biggest problems for Splunk’s customers. Prior to joining Splunk, he worked at organizations like DARPA, US Navy, UK Home Office, and a variety of public/private companies always in a security practitioner or leader role. Ryan has an MSc in Cyber Security from the University of Westminster, more certifications than he remembers, and has an abject hatred of printers

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Mick Baccio

Global Security Advisor,

Splunk Inc.

Mick Baccio fell in love with the idea of cyberspace around nine years old after reading Neuromancer, which led him to pursue a career in computer operations with a focus on information security. As a Global Security Advisor at Splunk, Mick leverages his background and expertise to help customers solve complex security problems. In his spare time, when not posting pictures of food, cats, or Air Jordans to social media, Mick is a Goon at DefCon, and teaches lockpicking.

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